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cropped-cropped-chabad-job-finder-7.jpgWelcome to ChabadJobFinder.com! We are delighted to announce a new service for Chabad Employers and Employees worldwide! ChabadJobFinder.com is dedicated to advertising all Chabad job postings. Employers can advertise jobs and Employees can post resumes that will be viewed by thousands around the world via our website and facebook page. Schools, camps, organizations and individuals, now have one centralized place to post and view jobs.

Posting your resume and job only takes 2 minutes.

Mission: www.ChabadJobFinder.com’s mission is to connect Chabad professionals with jobs worldwide.

Sample jobs postings on ChabadJobFinder.com include: Teachers, Camp Gan Israel staff, Shlichus Positions, Chazan, Graphic Designer, Tutors, Office Positions, Contractors,  and many other types of job positions.

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    • Hi,
      Thank you for your email – are website is almost complete so I haven’t promoted it just yet. Hopefully by next week it will be done.
      Why don’t you complete a resume so that people can see your request.

      Have a great day,

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